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There’s a lesbian sex toy made especially for scissoring, and it’s brilliant.

A woman –  who is also a genius, I might add – has designed a sex toy made especially for lesbian couples to use together. More specifically, the toy was designed for the scissoring position, making it the first of its kind. Shi/Shi Union is the brainchild of Gabrielle Anex, a lesbian who felt frustrated by the lack of sex toys on the market designed with female couples in mind. Anex had no prior experience in product development, but as we all know, lesbians are innovative. And get this: she made the prototype out of Playdoh. Anex took her idea to NS Novelties, who obviously picked it up immediately because it’s unique, and wonderful, and lesbians have been waiting for this!

When I found out about its existence, I wanted to know everything about this toy, so I went straight gayly forward to the source and spoke with Gabrielle Anex herself about her unique creation. She describes the Shi/Shi, what inspired her to make it,  and how it works in the interview below. But first, here’s what it looks like:

  I don’t think lesbian couples have ever seen a toy like this! What sparked your idea for it?

Gabrielle Anex: The idea for it came from my personal life. I’m a lesbian and I remember expressing my frustration to a partner that it was a shame that there weren’t any sex toys specifically designed for lesbians to use while tribbing. Scissoring is great on its own, but there are times when it’s also hot to put something between you that can get you both off. We’d tried using regular vibrators or the smaller bullets – but baed on their design (straight line) – only one partner could position it to feel it instead of both being able to experience it together. Also, not a lot of sex toys exist for women that don’t involve some sort of penetration, and not all women are into that or require it to orgasm. So the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had an idea that could possibly provide a real solution. I pitched NS Novelties and they requested a mock-up of what it would look like and how it would work. I made one from Playdoh and they loved it!

AE: How did you go about perfecting the design?

GA: I knew two things for sure: I wanted it to be able to pivot in the center so that each partner could align it with their clitoris and, while in that position, I wanted each side to vibrate independently. So when I took my design to NS Novelties, I made sure to tell them this was important. I also wanted a ridge in the center of each side of the toy so that it would fit naturally along the vulva. That’s something I’d never seen in a toy, but it’s something that most women would find pleasurable. I worked very closely with NS Novelties throughout the entire project and they showed me several prototypes for it. Some were too big, others lacked the ridge, but we finally got the design just right and I’m very proud of it. They named it the Shi Shi Union and I think it’s a perfect name for it.

AE: The toy is specifically designed for scissoring (although I’m sure it can be used solo), so there are some obvious mechanical questions here. What makes it best suited for this position as far as holding it in place?

GA: There is usually some pressure when two women are grinding against each other while scissoring. The toy has the ridge down the middle which essentially serves as something to “grab onto” with your vulva, if you will. It’s meant to help hold it in place, but the natural grinding motion that occurs between two women will be the best thing that keeps it in place. And yes, it absolutely can be used for masturbation!

AE:  Some women find vibrators too intense. Is this one different?

GA: There are definitely some women who find today’s vibrators a bit too intense. I’ve also talked to women who like theirs to be like a jackhammer. It’s personal preference, really. The great thing about the Shi Shi Union is that there are different levels of intensities and BOTH sides vibrate independently of each other. So if one partner wants a strong vibration but the other doesn’t, you have choices. Or, you can take turns controlling the intensity for your partner if you want to spice it up a bit. I really wanted this to be a go-to for all lesbians.

AE:  We’ve all heard the joke/myth that “scissoring isn’t a thing.” Of course, lesbian couples who do it know it IS a thing. Any comment about that?

GA: Are there really women who think it’s not a thing? I find that kind of sad. Of course it’s a thing! And if some couples haven’t tried it, I suggest doing some light stretching, buying a Shi Shi Union, and going for it!

Gabrielle Anex, creator of the Shi/Shi Union

The Shi/Shi Union will be available in retail stores soon, and we will update you as soon as it hits the shelves!

About the product: The Shi/Shi Union features two independently controlled motors encased in a soft silicone, body contoured casing that moves in tandem with each partner, ensuring mutual pleasure at a maximum level. Available in pink and black.

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