Personal Privacy

Safeguarding Your Personal Privacy 4 Inch Pink Heels takes your personal privacy extremely seriously. Our company was founded to help protect your privacy. We take extra care to safeguard your privacy from the second you land on our homepage to the moment your order arrives at your front door. Here’s just a few of our special measures: The Strongest Possible Computer Defenses 4 Inch Pink Heels has comprehensive, companywide standards for maintaining the privacy and safety of your personal and billing information. While we can’t go into explicit details, our safeguards include multi-layered firewalls and virus scans, secured servers, mandatory password changes, and the very latest in computer encryption. Anonymous Shipping All of our products are shipped as anonymously as possible. Depending on your order, you might receive a plain brown box or a tan business envelope lined with bubble wrap. Billing Our efforts to ensure your privacy even extends to your credit card statement. Our name will appear in your billing statement as 4 Inch Pink Heels appear in your billing statement. Most will think you are dealing with a shoe company.